I’ve taken sport for granted

4th March 2014

Saturday 8th February 2014

It started raining at about nine o’clock last night and didn’t let up until lunchtime delivering over 100 mm. Camp was under water with many fast flowing rivers passing through different parts. We walked out of camp and up to Middle Road which was completely under water. The drainage line was a raging torrent, you could easily see how people can get washed away in these situations. We then made our way around to the flood plain which lived up to its name. Rather than heading back at this point we spent the next hour or so pulling out Datora.

There was the potential to get off reserve to go and watch some six nations, have a braai and some beers but guttingly this never materialised. The anticipation of such an opportunity made me realise how much in the past I’ve taken watching sport for granted, be it at home, in the pub or at the venue.

The rain stopped in the afternoon so we did get out for a walk, I backed up a small trails group and we walked back from Pafuri Main along the roads. It was good to get out of camp and also to get a second walk under my belt even if I did get soaked through to the skin when the heavens opened again.