I’ve been unusually lazy

8th July 2014

The map artwork at The Outpost

Sunday 6th July 2014

My guests were leaving today, heading south to Letaba. Rather than a game drive they opted for an early breakfast so they could get a good start. I was therefore left with little to do other than read my book which I finished, update my blog which I did and finally eat a lot of very good food from the kitchen.

Jomi was still out with his guests so I enjoyed having nothing to do, in fact I’ve been quite lazy since I returned for leave. Later that afternoon when Jomi was back from his drop off at the airstrip we were taken to the gate to be picked up by Max.

The afternoon was laid back, the hardest thing I had to do was to wander over to Alan’s deck and have a few beers with him and Jomi. Max had taken the students out to get phone signal. They had a productive drive seeing a male leopard on Middle Road just after giving the ten minute ETA. If only that had been 24 or 48 hours earlier I could have shown my guests leopard.