I’m sleeping too soundly

25th September 2013

Wednesday 25th September 2013

I must be a really heavy sleeper as I never hear anything during the night.

I did hear the eles when I went to bed, they were in the thicket over the path from me, not sure where exactly. That was the last I heard of them but apparently they were keeping others up all night.

Then there were two lions roaring across the river bed from us, again I missed that. We picked up the tracks this morning, a male and female but had no luck in seeing them.

Group a are still out on their game drive, we’ve all eaten and most of us have headed back to our tents to sleep or study and its not even eight yet. The reason for doing so is that we’ve heard a lot of chatter on the radio which is a good indicator that they may have seen something good again. That’s going to be pretty hard to stomach!

There’s certainly one ele outside, likely a bull, he sounds like he’s doing some real damage to a tree.