I’m living my dream

9th March 2014

Thursday 13th February 2014

I’m still excited when I go out in the Landy on my own and I don’t think I’ll become tired of it either. My first foray today was to pick the EcoQuest group up who had walked to Mashasiti Quarry. I’m getting to know the group well and it was nice to chat with them over a cuppa in the bush.

Once back at camp we brought the green Landy around to the works yard to help Bruce repair the bench seats with the welder, well that was until the heavens opened. The repair job was cut short which meant that we could squeeze in a cross fit session on Bruce’s deck. I managed to leave early as there were three new guests that needed picking up from the gate.

I gave them a warm welcome and then drove them the 45 minutes back to camp, we stopped a couple of times along the way, first for impala and then for a red crested korhaan. It dawned on me that I’m living my dream of being a safari guide – it feels pretty damn good.

Rather than join the evening drive I opted to stay at camp and do some minor maintenance and then catch up with my studies. There’s no better place to learn than on one of Bruce’s game drives but I didn’t want to make the vehicle too cramped now that we had seven guests.