I’m leaving to become a safari guide

25th May 2013

I’m incredibly sad to be leaving the Science Museum Group, I’ve been there for almost three years, the people are great and incredibly passionate about what they do. But try saying, “I’m leaving to become a safari guide in Africa” without a huge smile spreading across your face, it’s just not possible, or at least it’s not for me.

Quitting my job was a really tough decision and no doubt as my last day gets closer I’m going to be thinking I’ve made a huge mistake and will not want to leave.”

I’ve handed in my notice and spoken to the teams in York and Bradford, just need to tell the guys in London on Tuesday and then I guess it’s common knowledge, there’s certainly no going back now.

The announcement has had a range of reactions, some are stuck for words with others shrieking and saying that it’s such a great ‘fit’ for me. Once I’ve told them all about it they all ask me, “are you going to blog and tweet about your trip?”