I was like an excited puppy

21st July 2014


Friday 18th July 2014

I’m still not used to getting to know guests and then just after a few days having to say goodbye to them. But that’s the industry for you. This time round it was slightly easier as my course mates came back today. I can’t believe its been six months already and the whole year is almost up.

After squeezing in a run Jomi and I met them at the gate, slightly late due to the run. I was like an excited puppy to see everyone again. Well I say everyone but not all have made it back. We started with 15 but in all there are only going to be nine of us over the next week or so. This includes Duncan who is back on Sunday after having to fly back to Switzerland to sort out his visa (or as he would say, wisa). I’ve not heard from Ben but I think he’s also been struggling with his visa so I won’t be catching up with him again until London.

Once everyone was settled in we had afternoon tea, muffins and “eat some more” shortbread was on the menu which I once again over indulged in with a couple of lemony creams for good measure. There was no chance of walking them off as it was a short birding bumble along the flood plain before a few beers and then back to camp for burger night.

Really good to hear how people have got on at their various placements, most have really enjoyed it and its helped some decide what it is that they want to do next. I must admit to being jealous of some that have said that they’re staying on at their lodge top carry on guiding, well as long as their visa allows.