I was dog tired

27th March 2014

Thursday 13th March 2014

Mum and Dad made it out of camp at the right time. After the flood warnings yesterday the heavens opened in the early hours of the morning. I was secretly hoping it would rain as I was dog tired and didn’t fancy a couple of long hot walks today. We had about 90mm of rain which was a lot and caused the drainage lines to rage through camp. However, it stopped around lunchtime so we weren’t evacuated up to The Outpost (luxury lodge), shame as if we’d been stranded there we’d have got to see the rugby at the weekend.

I made the most of the downtime by doing self study, ploughing through lots of different animals noting interesting facts about each of them. The plan for the afternoon was to get out and walk but that didn’t materialise, instead the three of us (Back-ups) stayed in camp to do some light maintenance and general chores whilst the students went on a birding drive.

Mum and Dad will be as disappointed as I am, the ‘Trails Group’ saw a leopard walking down the tar road when they were driving back from the bridge.