I was bumbling around the Kruger

4th April 2014

Friday 21st March 2014

Another busy day with little room to breathe. But it was good busy, especially as I was having family visit over the next three days. This time it was my cousin Alison and her husband Graeme who were were visiting from Johannesburg. It was great to have more family here although it did prompt Bruce to ask who was next to arrive.

It was arranged that Alison and Graham would meet me at the gate at the same time as the food delivery. This worked out well although it did mean they had a very early start from their overnight stay. Once they were settled in at camp and after the obligatory cuppa we went for a short drive to Manqeba to look out over the Limpopo taking in a couple of herds of buffalo on the way back.

Because it was a Friday it meant that they were able to compare what they would be doing in their normal lives at work. This prompted me to think about what I would be doing if I were still in the day job back in London. But I wasn’t instead I was bumbling around the Kruger in an open top Landy.

Whilst Alison and Graham got some rest after their early start I got on with my chores, the main focus today was the vehicles as I had to change over a wheel and fix the puncture – my mechanical abilities are improving by the day. Afterwards we headed out with the “Trails Group” for a walk around the ridges from Mr BB.