I spent time de-frogging

21st April 2014

Friday 11th April 2014

It was an early start with some of the guests leaving first thing, I made it up at 0515 to be on hand. There wasn’t too much to clear up from the graduation so it didn’t take long. Then it was general maintenance as the next booking isn’t in until tomorrow afternoon so it gave us the opportunity to make sure the camp was ship shape. This was a real bonus as more often than not we normally get the next booking in on the same day.

Again it was a case of saying goodbye to people, not too much of an issue this time as I’ve spent so little time with them owing to being on leave and then up at the trails camp, saying that they were a good bunch and it was a shame to see them go. I did one trip up to the get, a long and cold journey.

After breakfast I headed up to the Trails camp, giving a couple of well armed rangers a lift along the way. Steve and I then met the new guests on the Luvuvuh bridge, there are six blokes, all here to celebrate a 40th birthday. Such a brilliant thing to do.

We went for a very short walk, so short it wasn’t worth logging. We kept it brief so we could pick the final member of the group up at the bridge and then give them the opportunity to catch up over sundowners and then beers back at camp.

I had my hyena crates in operation again as the zip still isn’t working. I’m confident I won’t get any mammalian visitors but I did have to spend a bit of time de-frogging before bed. I’m more than happy to share with the odd frog but they do tend to attract in the snakes, this is not something I’m keen on.