I never fire a warning shot

29th March 2014

Saturday 15th March 2014

Jomi and Wien both walked this morning and I was left in camp to go about the general duties. Instead I ended up entertaining two of the four children that were staying in camp, the other two were toddlers and most of the time stayed with their mum. I’m not sure how old the ones I had were, perhaps seven or eight but they certainly knew their stuff. We looked at the various skulls and bones on the study deck, then went through the library before walking the fire break to see what we could spot. I really enjoyed myself and I think I was a bit of a hit.

I missed out on fitness today as I had to take some of the students on a phone run, still it wasn’t all bad as I managed to send some emails and exchange texts with my sister back home.

I walked in the afternoon but not with the ‘Trails Group’, instead I took one of the freelance instructors, Brendan, out to show him the area. We walked from the quarry to the springs. I led the way there which I hadn’t done for a while so I really enjoyed it.

We had a brief chat before we set off about what would happen if a situation unfolded. He said, “should something happen I only have two commands, the first is ‘WARNING’ for you to fire a warning shot and the second is ‘KILL’. I never fire a warning shot so if I fire it’s open season*”. This was a stark reminder to me that this is not just the proverbial ‘walk in the park’, I need to concentrate.

At ten pm we were sound asleep when we woke to Bruce over the radio announcing that they were stuck in a bad section of road on the concession. It didn’t take long to tow them out before going back to bed but not before seeing a couple of thick tailed bush babies on the deck.

*The ‘first rifle’ would never fire a warning shot as they would not have time to reload should the animal not heed the warning. They therefore get the ‘Back-up rifle’ to fire the warning shot should it be appropriate.