I duck behind the scenes

7th June 2014

Lunch set out in the Fever Tree forest for the guests

Saturday 31st May 2014

A little weird shaving in a proper bathroom, i.e. one with brick walls and electric lights, even more so when you hear an elephant trumpeting not a million miles away.

Sarah took some of the guests out for a walk which meant that Cara and I stayed back and brought the remaining guests along to Mpimbi for a bush lunch. I’m starting to get to know a few of the guests now which makes the job fun. There was little guiding for us to do, it was more a case of chauffeuring. We did have some nice sightings though, a couple of tawny eagles were particularly graceful as they glided in a grid formation above us scouring the bush for carrion and prey.

We headed back to the lodge via the Indian Baobab for sundowners during which I had to change a flat. This is the second time I’ve guided at Outpost, both times I’ve had a flat. They may not ask me back.

It’s a little bit of an anti-climax when you drop the guests off at the end of the day. They go into the lodge where the fire is burning bright, the music starts up and they have their pre-dinner nibbles and drinks. This leaves me to unpack the vehicle before ducking behind the scenes again.

There would be no problem with me joining them for a drink, but I opt for my book instead and head back to my “swanky” room for one last night. It was only seven so I had the evening to read and do a little work.

Back at EcoTraining tomorrow afternoon, hopefully I’ll get back earlyish so I can get both a run and a walk in. I’ve been enjoying the game drive snacks and full English breakfasts a little too much whilst I’ve been here.