I didn’t want to mess up

6th April 2014

Saturday 23rd March 2014

We went walking this morning, an exclusive walk with just Bruce, Alison, Graeme and myself. As we made our way there we saw jackal and the only ostrich on the concession. Bruce asked me if I wanted to lead, I probably paused too long, I wanted to but I didn’t want to mess up in front of family. But of course I said yes.

With so much water in both Nwambi pan and Reed Buck Vlei the walk was always going to be short, this suited Alison and Graeme as they had a long journey back to Joburg after breakfast. There were no encounters to get the heart pumping but they weren’t needed, walking in Kruger is still pretty special.

When we were having our cuppa after the walk Bruce found a baby tree squirrel in the back of the vehicle which had fallen in back at camp. We took it home and popped it in Bruce’s hat in the garage, very surprisingly the mother soon returned, picked it up by the scruff of its neck and took it back to the nest.

After breakfast I took Alison and Graeme to the gate. They’ve certainly had the most productive visit of all my family for animals and ticked off the only two giraffe on the concession on the way there. As soon as I got back to camp I zonked out on my bed for thirty minutes, I was totally shattered and managed to sleep even with my heavy boots on. Then it was business as usual, vehicle checks, painting and then running.