Hyenas regularly in camp

16th October 2013

Wednesday 9th October 2013

Walking around camp last night I saw a hyena again. But this time only one which was a little unnerving – where was his buddy. I also spooked a couple of bush buck so figured the hyena would be more interested in them than me.

Ben and I were on duty but unfortunately no morning game drive, instead I drove my group to the wear to carry on with the environmental impact survey that we started yesterday.

As the duty team we had to do the rubbish run which was pretty unpleasant. Driving 45 minutes through the reserve with maggot invested bins isn’t my idea of a good time.

Had a good drive in the afternoon and managed to find my way home by stars. But let myself down at the last minute when I didn’t realise we were back at camp when I asked for directions.

Really pleased with how I drove across the rough terrain, around the fallen trees and in darkness the only blot was putting instructor Henry into a thorn bush.