Hyena on the camera trap

17th October 2013

Thursday 10th August 2013

Very happy this morning to find a photo of a hyena on the camera trap. Set it up the night before on the path between the volley ball camp and the beer fridge.

It’s been a day of hyena, I sat in the tracker seat this morning and the hyena tracks were sticking out like a sore thumb which is good but it did mean I missed the leopard track.

Clifford and I did 25 mins of running, stopping every five mins to do press ups over some hyena tracks so they should well as truly be engrained now.

We changed the camera trap position slightly and baited it with some chicken juices so fingers crossed.

A lot of tests coming up so studying late tonight (along with a couple of beers), so far heard hyena down on the volley ball court, hippo a bit further away, lots of rats and a few branches breaking in the bush behind, not sure what that is.