Hunting and eco-tourism

23rd August 2014

Buffalo drinking on the edge of the Luvuvuh River, Makuleke.

Chris Davies of Getaway Magazine writes about the future of private concessions such as Makuleke in the north of Kruger National Park. The article continues on the Getaway blog, it was first posted on 22nd August 2014.

We need to visit the places we want to protect; if we don’t there’s no incentive for those who own them to protect them for us.

Last year I spent some time in northern Kruger’s Makuleke Contractual Park. The name is relatively new, and you may know it better as Pafuri – the narrow strip of land at the very top of Kruger, right on the border with Zimbabwe. If you’ve been, I won’t have to tell you it’s one of the most beautiful and varied bushveld destinations in South Africa, loved for its birdlife, fever-tree forests and the iconic Lanner Gorge. What you may not know is that this slice of riverine bush between the Limpopo and Luvuvhu rivers is a private concession, owned by the Makuleke community and leased to private operators who run low-density safaris and ranger-training facilities. Carry on reading the article in full on the Getaway blog…