Home from home with my cousin

1st September 2013

Had a lovely welcome by my cousin Alison and her husband Graham who have given up there whole weekend to run around after me. I still don’t feel like this is a big trip as their welcome has made me feel very at home.

I’m so grateful to Graham and Alison for their advise and patience when it came to mobiles. We must have spent three hours in various mobile phone shops over the last two days but it means I’m now fully contactable.

I opted for a router to supply wifi to my iPad and iPhone. This isn’t fail safe as it relies on a phone signal and Alison has kindly lent me her old Blackberry so I can make local calls, I just need to get used to it being a pink handset.

I had a proper South African welcome last night with some pre-dinner Bulls rugby on the the tele and a rather boozie dinner with Graham and Alison’s friends where we had a beef potjie (beef stew in a big cooking pot).

Guest house tonight where I’m hoping to bump into some fellow students.