High fives in the kitchen

24th April 2014

Monday 14th April 2014

Our guests all had to head home to Joburg, Cape Town and one even as far as Mozambique. This meant that there was no walk or a drive this morning, instead we got to lie in until quarter to seven which was amazing given the lavish bedding I get at trails, far better than what I’ve been used to recently. When Patricia and Ellen found out about the late start they were also very chuffed, so much so there were high fives in the kitchen.

After breakfast it was goodbye to Sean, James, Mark, Paul and Chris – Rick had gone the day before. They left relatively early so we had the chance to get a few things sorted for the next group coming in, this included getting the bar set up so that it was more manageable from a stock point of view.

After cleaning my rifle I headed back to EcoTraining and scored a second breakfast. But there was no rest. It was straight into a the vehicle checks before a short sharp fitness session. With leave and then the good living at the trails camp the last couple of weeks have taken their toll on my fitness.

When I returned to camp I found out that the buggers got one. Johnny, you’ll know what I mean!