Henry claimed the brain shots

14th May 2014

Monday 5th May 2014

It was ARH practice today for the students so it was down to the range. The only good thing is that you get to shoot. Other than that it’s a long day, no shade and at the western end of the concession, some 20km away. I had the choice, either go to the range or go for another walk with Johna, I was very keen on the latter but I hadn’t shot since December, it’s kinda of important to be able to shoot straight in this job.

Three separate ele bulls on the way to the range as well as some Zimbos walking on the other side of Kruger’s western fence line. They’d have just crossed the Limpopo on their way to do some shopping in South Africa for a couple of days.

I did get to shoot, not my best but still the practice was good. I tried shooting with my heavy pack on which was very different to what I’ve done before. If I ever have to shoot for real it will be with the pack so I had better get used to it. Right at the end I got to walk “Lead” with Henry as my “Back-up” for the simulated lion charge. Unlike before we had two live rounds each which increases the risks but again this how I walk everyday. It was good fun, we hit the lion with all four rounds, Henry obviously claimed the two brain shots.

I go on leave tomorrow, I spent the afternoon packing. I found a foam nest frog and a gecko hiding away in a crate of my clothes. Very surprised they escaped injury free after I was rummaging around in there, a very weird sensation when your hand grabs something like that, luckily it wasn’t a snake.

Beers around the camp fire in the evening to celebrate Hine’s birthday. It also gave me the opportunity to bid farewell to Henry and Johna. Both have been excellent instructors, I’ve learnt so much from them.