Having fun with a bird book

9th September 2013

Sunday 8th September 2013

On my way to bed last night I caught the flash of an eye reflecting in my torch, it certainly got my attention but it was only a momentary panic as it was a genet.

It was cold last night, down to just ten degrees, my sleeping bag is definitely not cutting it. Not much longer until winter is over and the nights will be unbearably hot.

Today was a real buzz, I got to drive the Land Rover which is something I’ve always wanted to do, especially in Africa. It was tough going and it got even tougher when you were scanning for game, looking for tracks and also trying to ID the trees. However, it was a great opportunity to try out the 12 to 6 and then anti-clockwise observation technique.

After breakfast my group was on firewood duty, so it was back onto the Landy to fetch a trailer full of hardwoods such as acacia and mopany. Once back at camp it was time for study before a game of touch rugby with the obligatory sentries on duty armed with their eyes. This role is certainly not a token gesture, just in November the lioness who is denning just over the river took a warthog on the volley ball court.

The weather here is bonkers, the tent when I woke in the morning was 10 degrees and after rugby it was 39. Quick cold shower before the afternoon lecture which was on bird identification, never have I had so much fun with PowerPoint and a bird book.

The evening game drive was good fun, especially watching the impala, between that and the evening campfire I’ve not laughed so much since I arrived. The group is certainly beginning to gel with everyone coming out of their shells.