Have we enough booze?

5th June 2014

Vehicles lined up at the airstrip waiting for The Outpost guests to arrive

Thursday 29th May 2014

Not an early start this morning as the guests weren’t arriving until lunchtime. The morning meeting was at seven in main area of the lodge. I was introduced to a lot of staff, trying to remember their names as well as the 19 guests is not going to be easy. Who am I kidding, it’s going to be impossible, I’m useless with names.

My highlight of the morning was walking out of my bedroom to see a huge baobab in front of me sat up against the sandstone ridge. Given the darkness when I arrived last night I hadn’t noticed it. Such a stunning tree, it’s going to be a real privilege to see it each day when I make my way down for breakfast.

The main order of the day was to ensure that we had enough booze for the guests in the cooler boxes. Whatever happens e can’t run out. We each packed two large cool boxes onto our sparkly new LandRovers and headed to the airfield at Tchikendeni. The guests arrived at 13.30 into very smart looking planes. Their luggage was sorted so that it would be waiting for them in their room when they got there this evening.

They had some sandwiches at the airfield and the customary G&Ts. We then took them on a game drive, more of a drive than anything else actually as they were in high spirits and enjoying each others company. They were really interested in the baobab so it was nice to tell them a little bit about that.

Having visited Banini and Makwadzi we then headed back to the lodge, they had a big dinner ahead of them. I grabbed a couple of Heinikens from the bar and some snacks before returing to my des res to get stuck into the Ivory Trail which appropriately was accompanied by trumpeting elephants. I just hope it wasn’t being poached! The first elephant to be poached in Kruger for some years was found in the Pafuri region, hopefully this is both the first and the last but I doubt it.