Hard but rewarding work

30th March 2014

Road maintenance in Makuleke

Tuesday 16th March 2014

There was no walking today, instead we went out to fix some of the roads. The work was hard in the sun but rewarding and after five hours we were back in camp feeling very proud of the work that we’d done. There was also the added bonus of seeing a spotted hyena whilst we worked.

After breakfast Dee and I drove to the rest camp a Punda Maria to fill up the jerry cans with petrol and diesel. It was good to see another part of the Kruger as well as a few elephant bulls along the way. Knowing that we wouldn’t be back in time for lunch I did my normal thing of gorging on chocolate and crisps whenever we reach civilisation.

Once back at camp I put a good couple of hours into my studies before joining Bruce and Dee on their deck for a drink which turned into a few and then quite a few more over dinner.