Getting the hang of guiding

1st November 2013

Saturday 19th October 2013

Ben and I were on duty so up ahead of everyone else to get the coffee station up and running.

Last minute revision ahead of the final Ecotraining exam which is a mock for FAGASA (Field Guiding Association of Southern Africa).

After literally running around in circles in camp as a way of keeping fit it was back to hitting the books, this time snake ID, frog calls and birds – plus a bit of sleep.

I’m going to be very soft when I go home, 23 degrees today and it was trousers, fleece and a jacket for most of the day, I think my staple now is thirty plus.

Ben and I shared the game drive in the afternoon and both got good feedback which was really encouraging.

I’m enjoying this and without pride getting ahead if a fall I think I may actually become quite good at it. Passion is so important in whatever you do.