Frogs can save your life

30th September 2013

Monday 30th September 2013

Around the campfire last night I heard one of the most freakiest things ever, frogs can save your life.

Graham told us about a time when he was stranded in the bush at night and had to walk home. He walked past a small pool and as he did the frogs stopped calling, when he carried on and they started again. As he walked further away they suddenly stopped again, something else had walked past the pool, he was being stalked. From the top of the tree he climbed he saw a lioness carry on by.

Today wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as that, instead it was all about tomorrow’s “Field observation” test. The morning walk was another a mock, the result of which: I seem to be going backwards. I’m just hoping that I’ve hit rock bottom and I’ll peak just in time.

Rather than go on the afternoon drive I opted out and stayed back to concentrate on tomorrow’s drivers test. So all in all a pretty lame day.