First taste of what will come

3rd September 2013

It all started to get very real today. We had our rifle competency briefing, test and then we headed to the range to make sure we could shoot straight

The briefing was a wake up call which actually scared me. It focused on the realities of what we are doing out here and the real risks of living in the bush.

There was talk of being prosecuted for man slaughter if a guest was killed by a mistake you made or you failed to take down the charging buffalo in time. There was also talk of coming into contact with poachers and what could happen.

Last taste of luxury in the guest house tonight, then it’s up to Selati camp for about two months of sleeping on a mattress in a small dome tent slap bang in the middle of the bush, no fences and no outside contact. This is going to be very basic. I’m all prepared now, just need to make sure I get a decent tent mate.

There’s a good chance that this is my last post for a while, it all depends on whether there’s any signal.

My shooting is going to have to improve.