First day of the tracking assessment

22nd November 2013

Thursday 14th November 2013

The day started early with a five hour tracking revision session in the field. In between there was time for some self study and fitness although both proved hard given that it was forty plus. Not the weather to be running up and down a track with a bunch of rocks.

The two day tracking assessment started in the afternoon although we had to finish early given the fact that the light got poor with an approaching storm.

During the afternoon three of us were lined up alongside the Landy drinking in unison from our camel backs. To a complete outsider it may have looked like we were all suckling from a giant mechanical cow.

Tracking is so frustrating when you make stupid mistakes or somebody stands on the evidence outside of the box, that certainly doesn’t make it any easier. Suffice to say I made some stupid mistakes and people were trampling all over the tracks.

Big thanks to Cliff for going on a tracking mission to successfully find my phone.

Mum and Dad wanted a photo of me without the beard. As its heating up out here I’ve shaved it off and here’s the photie to prove it.