Face to face with Hyena

9th October 2013   •  By James Bailey

A pair of spotted hyenas

Monday 7th October 2013

Heading back to the kitchen after doing the wake up call I caught two eyes in my head lamp and then another two. They were two spotted hyenas.

I called Doc so he could come and look too. The hyenas came a little closer and closer again but if we made a sudden movement they would back off a couple of yards.

We left them to it as we figured they would move on of their own accord. A couple of minutes later I headed out of the kitchen and one of them was standing right in front of me. Now it was a little bit more serious.

These guys clearly weren’t in a rush to go anywhere.

One of the girls, Melanie was in a tent on her own very close to wear the hyenas were so we thought it a nice thing to warn her.

The Hyenas were getting bold now, one was to our front and the other had moved to our side as we were walking up. The fact that they come at you whenever you turned your back underlines that they are one of Africa’s top predator.

In the dark it got the heart racing a tad, but after coffee when we were all down and the sun was up we simply all sat down and watched them watch us, a totally different affair. Such a privilege to get so close to the animal and on their terms.