Early start brings a lion sighting

19th October 2013

Saturday 12th October 2013

Hyena again on the camera trap this morning, also Duncan and Clifford flashing it.

Early starts to our morning game drives from now on as its getting lighter, 04.30 for a 05.30 leave. Worth it though as a male lion and a really good view of a female.

Study was very hard today, kept nodding off as it was 43 degrees in the tent.

Had a good fitness session with Clifford in the midday heat although my thermometer stopped working, last reading before it died was 50 degrees.

Shaved off the beard yesterday and already feeling less like a safari guide. Going to give it another go, perhaps my safari guiding ability is linked to the beard like Samson and his hair.

Instructor Henry left today, he’s been really helpful over the last two weeks and a great guy. A real loss but he’s taking us for our advanced rifle handling up in Botswana so we’ll see him in December.