Disorientated in the ridges

13th April 2014

Sunday 30th March 2014

The “Trails Group” were leaving camp today, they had an early start and I found myself on duty for some reason. Whilst getting the teas and coffee ready in the kitchen I had a tug of war over a bag of bread with the rat that lives in the cooker. I’m pleased to say that I won this battle.

After dropping them at the gate we had a chilled out breakfast before a few of us headed to Mr BB to pick up my camera trap. It was such a frustrating walk as I failed to find the location after getting disorientated in the ridges. I thought it was going to be so simple and quick, I need to be better organised when we go and retrieve it tomorrow. The silver lining is that it’s up for another 24 hours.

That afternoon it was painting, slashing and fitness. Although for the latter we had to be extra vigilant because we’d seen an ele at the top of the drive when we came back from our walk. That evening it was some red wine courtesy of Alison and Graham’s visit as well as a few beers as we got to know the new students.