Constantly picking up dung

9th September 2013

Monday 9th September 2013

Following on from yesterday’s lecture on bird identification we used the morning game drive to put the processes into practice and spent four hours ticking off the birds.

We’ve also been taught to use the process when identifying trees, tracks and grasses. First look at the different characteristics of the subject and then the bigger picture before making a call on the specie. I’m really struggling with the grasses but I was chuffed to get 8/10 trees when we were given a spot test on our afternoon bush walk, it was a real confidence builder to know that this is starting to sink in.

Whilst this morning’s drive was all about the birds there was still plenty of general game and we spent time watching a tower of giraffes at the water hole. Absolutely mind boggling watching the giraffe bend it’s knees to take a drink. We also had a very good big five viewing too.

Lots of study today and tonight, just Carmen and I were left in the classroom when we called it a night at ten. Need to build my knowledge as I’m taking the morning game drive on Wednesday and then the afternoon bush walk, but behind JP who is lead (and only) rifle.

Before today’s lecture we took the opportunity for a quick game of volleyball, three aside, Group A v B and I’m happy to say that Clifford, Rom and I did Group B proud.

Towards the end of the bush walk JP suggested that we find our own rock in the river bed and take fifteen minutes to enjoy the sunset in complete silence. It was pretty special and wish I had my camera.

I’m really enjoying the bush walks and find myself constantly picking up dung and pulling it apart to see what story it tells. We are lucky to do one bush walk a day and that along with the game drive means we’re spending a minimum of six hours in the field every day.