Congratulations on following your dream

2nd June 2013

This week there was no more secrecy about my handing in my notice and heading to Africa. It meant I was able to speak openly about what I was doing and for others to be excited for me.

By sharing my news I was reassured by people’s reaction. I had originally been nervous about what they would say. ¬†However, it’s been an overwhelming positive response with people saying ‘congratulations’.

On a number of occasions I started to point out that congratulations weren’t necessary, this wasn’t a job that I’ve landed nor anything that I’ve won, it is simply a case of me paying to study overseas. But they said, ”No, congratulations on being brave and following your dream, we all have one but don’t have the courage to pursue it”.

I certainly got what they meant, but this isn’t an impossible dream and I should know because I’ve had so many of those. This is simply a case of making a decision, saving up and then handing in my notice.

Other perks of ‘coming out’,¬†so to speak, is that others have shared their interests. It’s sad how you get so drawn into work that you don’t properly know who’s down the corridor from you, there are zoologists and all sorts.

When I’ve been talking it through with friends and colleagues some say that it has got them thinking about what they could do. They feel inspired and enthused by my news and want to actually do something rather than just talk about it. To this I find myself recommending a video by British philosopher Alan Watts, ‘What do I desire?’, the abridged versions is 1 min 43 seconds of pure inspiration.