Christmas with family

7th January 2014

Sunday 22nd to Friday 27th December 2013

As soon as I landed in Cape Town Peter (my Uncle) whisked me off to their cottage in Betty’s Bay for a party. There was barley enough time to change my shirt before meeting everybody. This was pretty much the norm over Christmas week, the Dall family like a party.

Running a long the coastline was an absolute pleasure, this was much needed given that it was a week of over indulgence. The walk along the mountain trail behind Peter and Paddy’s cottage was also a good work out, the views from the top made the hike up the gauge worthwhile.

Christmas lunch was a big affair with 38 people in total and a nativity play put on by the children and many dogs which impersonated sheep for the day.

I was initiated to the Dall family Christmas proceedings when I was the victim of the three man lift. I won’t give the trick away other than to say that I was left soaked in beer.

Christmas morning was a strange affair, the first things we did was to take down the Christmas tree. This was because Alison and Graham were joining us in the evening we had to move back to the farm so we could accommodate everybody.

The farm is in such a beautiful setting with spectacular views and a great run along the irrigation canal on the side of the mountain.

Spending Christmas with family made being away from home much easier, I was so grateful for this. Now it was onto the third and final part of my break, off to Cape Town and the Garden Route.