Another weekly duty

3rd March 2014

Friday 7th February 2014

Today was an introduction to another a weekly duty, this time it was the food run. Wien and I drove up to the main gate to meet the delivery man at 06.00. Absolutely everything comes in on this delivery with the exception of fuel, it’s quite a work out as there’s a lot of lifting. We had a big tarp to cover the trailer which was just as well as the rain started to come down as we made a very slow journey back to camp so not to break anything on the rocky roads.

Just as we were finishing the unload the heavens really opened and over the morning we had 50mm of rain. The weather meant that we couldn’t do any odd jobs around camp or go out walking. Instead it was stripping and cleaning rifles with the rest of the day dedicated to study as well as an intense work out in the pouring rain on Bruce’s deck.