Another assessment been and gone

30th November 2013

Friday 22nd November 2013

Busy day, on duty which meant up at 03.30 to set things up, then it was straight out on an assessment walk. I had the second leg but didn’t do as well as I wanted or indeed could do.

During our stint we were assessed on situational awareness, changes in wind direction, orientation, route choice and big five signs – particularly oxpeckers. I was so concerned with trying to navigate I missed a giraffe again, not that I think anyone else saw it at first other than instructor Massi.

Despite my fears I came out with a good result, I was probably being too harsh on myself but the self-appraisal of my performance was worthwhile.

Then came our written exam which went well so all in all a good day.

With having the course completed by lunchtime it left plenty of time for fitness, revision and a few beers to accompany the Braai.

As it was the end of the course we had to say good by to our instructor for the week, Rhodes, a full time trails guide with his own company (