All work and no play

3rd April 2014

Thursday 20th March 2014

Woken up by the baboons this morning, they and hundreds of impala had taken over camp. Well that was until I went to put the kettle on, my bipedal presence sent them fleeing in all directions.

Today was all work and no play. First up it was a trip to the rubbish dump which took longer than usual due to San Pad (road) being out of commission. The accessible roads are still not the best so the detour was slow going. Once at the dump I had to do some running repairs as the alternator was not charging the battery. I was soon on my way after Solomon and his workmates gave me a push start.

The worst part of the rubbish run isn’t the rubbish itself but the gas canisters that we sometimes have to swap over. These weigh a ton, hauling them on and off the Landy isn’t fun at all.

I managed to get all my jobs done by four, this meant I could get a run in before a well earned cold shower. Top of my wish list, after world peace of course, a hot shower.

Hyenas are in good voice tonight, they must have got wind of our braai.