Safari School

© Chris Davies

© Chris Davies

As a boy I dreamed of becoming a safari guide. By the time I realised this dream I was 39. It was the best decision I ever made. Through the year I kept a daily diary. To make it easier to follow my story I’ve tagged them all as “Safari School” under the “Ranger stories” category of the Fascinating Africa blog.

To take a look at what I experienced the story of my year out starts here.

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Highlights from my year as a safari guide

Training as a safari guide

Congratulations on following your dream

My first night in the bush

Taking my first game drive

Face to face with hyenas over breakfast

A once in a lifetime experience with a family of cheetahs

Leopard sighting leaves me smiling from ear to ear. This is why I’m in Africa

Two false starts made for a very tense lion charge test

Knowing we were tracking a big cat meant that every step we took was done so with great care

We surrendered our watched and gave in to the wilderness

Bruce held no punches when giving me constructive feedback

Placement as a back-up trails guide 

All on my own with nothing but a rifle for company

It dawned on me that I was living my African dream

I radioed in to announce that I was temporarily disorientated

Seven encounters made for an interesting morning

I absolutely loved walking with Emma and Johnny

Dad’s normal calm exterior gave way to youthful excitement

The walk reminded me why I am here

“Leopard on foot”, the three most beautiful words in the English language.

His antics made the breeding herd look like Andrex puppies

As I walked forward a leopard jumped from a tree

I was probably overreacting but the leopard was walking straight towards the ladies

As he jumped from the baobab the leopard resembled a base jumping Garfield

Then he pulled the trigger which let a bullet fly over the elephant’s head

Did he whisper lion?

The second elephant was the one that got the heart racing

I looked back to the Land Rover. The lion was closer to us than we were to the vehicle

I didn’t have to sweat the decision about my lead guide assessment aby longer

Other than the odd mosquito and an accident with a jam jar and some tadpoles as a child this was the first animal that I’ve killed

In reflection

15 lessons I learnt while becoming a safari guide

Tracking tips from a safari guide

Whatever you do, don’t run. How to survive a walking safari