A week of luxuries

11th December 2013

Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 8th December 2013

Our week off was spent doing little other than making the most of being in a town, albeit a small one.

Making the most means good access to the internet, eating pizza, drinking cold pints, a proper bed and long hot showers.

Great to meet up with instructor Graham especially as the first thing he said was that the day we left Karongwe a baby hippo had used the path I made.

This was the week that Nelson Mandela died, a very sad day for the world but also a celebration of his life. The imagery that played over and over in the bars was when he presented the Rugby World Cup to Pienaar.

Headed up to Mashatu in Botswana for our week long Advanced Rifle Handling course. If I’m to become a trails guide (first part of training is in January) I need to pass but the success rate is not high at all.

I made the most of the long journey and watched some of the wildlife documentaries I’d downloaded. Chose big five videos in preparation for Trails.

I’m not confident about having access to Internet up there so this may be my last post for a week.