A week and a half in

14th September 2013

Saturday 14th September 2013

Were given a sleep in today, an extra hour in bed after last nights river braai. No hangover but a cloudy head and could have done with a wake up shower but no water first thing.

Lots of noises during the night, hyena, lion and also leopard tracks in camp.

JP has left for another Ecotraining camp and we won’t see him again until assessments which is a real shame, we’ve learnt so much off him in just a week and a half.

Graham the new instructor took us out on a bush walk, very hot and lots of questions being thrown at us about trees and grasses. A really intensive walk but such a good way to learn, I just hope it sticks.

After the lecture on grasses a quick cat nap and then Clifford and I ran up and down the river bed carrying rocks whilst William was doing laps under that watchful eye of a line nyala.

Afternoon game drive was led by Joosta who did a really good job and we spent a long time watching two young males fighting (necking), it started off playfully but started to get serious towards the end.

Clifford got into a new safari guest character, “Lysander” which was good fun and Yosta handled him well.

Off to bed but before I try and sleep its bird call revision.