A thought provoking evening

22nd April 2014

Saturday 12th April 2014

I was quite tired this morning after getting up in the middle of the night to cover the lounge area when the heavens opened but there was to be no rest. The guys were keen on a long walk as well as a bit of exploring.We headed up to Mashisiti Springs before coming back across some new ridges. In all it was five and a half hours. We didn’t get the encounters the guys were after but we did pick up the smell of popcorn where a leopard had been scent marking.

The walk was quite tough this morning and it seemed to tire the guys out. So instead of walking again we went on a bit of a booze cruise to Langer Gorge. Along the way we responded to a breeding herd of elephants before making it to the gorge in time for a few drinks before it became dark.

On the way home we came across the incredibly strong smell of an elephant bull in musth, the next thing we knew he comes charging out of the mopane trumpeting at us. Steve revved and hit the gas so we sped away with the bull chasing us for ten metres or so.

Over dinner each person in the birthday group took it in turns to make a little speech with the birthday boy responding to each in turn. This was a really nice thing to do and it reminded me that I need to worker harder at my friendships, it’s so easy to lose touch especially when I’m living overseas with no comms.

All in all a very thought provoking evening but tiring, I’m only just beginning to realise that I’m working in a 24/7 customer service business, well almost, today was 5.15 to 11.15. It is never ending, especially when you have to change a flat just before turning in at night.