A faked teary voice

10th July 2014

Fever trees at Makuleke

Tuesday 8th July 2014

Back up trails guide assessments continued today with students walking Hlangaluwe in the morning and Jachacha in the afternoon. As has been common place with the walks of late the animals didn’t let us down, three ele bull encounters today.

As we returned from walking Jachacha there was something very noticeable about the vehicle, it had been parked at a completely different angle. We figured that Jomi had jokingly moved it when he drove past. Whilst we were having drinks I checked to see if he’d hidden the keys, he had, and hidden them well. After thirty minutes of searching we found them and headed back to camp.

For revenge we thought we’d call his bluff. Nicole who was leading the walk was sat up front with me. I suggested that she call him on the radio acting tearful saying that she couldn’t find the keys. She did incredibly well, too well in fact and deserves an Oscar. Hiding herself under her coat so we couldn’t put her off she took the two way radio in hand, depressed the button and started, “EcoTraining (sniff), EcoTraining Jomi (sniffle) for Nicole”, this faked teary voice was very convincing. But no response from Jomi. We tried again but still nothing.

We figured he mustn’t be mobile yet from his walk so we drove a little further before Nicole tried again. She was now getting really into it, so much so she could barely get the words out in between her blubbering. It turned out to be too convincing, first The Outpost called in offering assistance and then the concession manager from Wilderness Safaris. Oh shoot, we came clean and apologised for our tom foolery.

It turns out it wasn’t Jomi after all, prime suspects are Steve from the trails camp and Max who is up there for the next couple of days. Not sure how we’ll get them back, but we won’t do it over the radio.