A boomslang at the campfire

28th October 2013

Tuesday 15th October 2013

No game drive this morning, instead it was up early to make last minute preparations for our presentations.

It was a long morning as 19 of us had to each present for ten mins each.

Study started again, we have the third theory test coming up which covers all modules to date, then there is the bird call and slide test as well as reptiles test and another field observations test. All of this is in the next seven days and then it’s game drive assessments.

This afternoons activity was trees, trees and more trees on a walk. Mark Gunn the new instructor took us and I actually felt confident afterwards.

Highlight of the day was seeing a boomslang (snake) in the tree next to the camp fire. Incredibly well camouflaged which reminds you to be careful what you grab.

The boomslang has a haemotoxic venom which if you’re unlucky enough to be bitten you will after 24 hours start to bleed out internally.