30 days until I go to Africa

30th July 2013

I fly a month today and the panic is setting in. The panic is not about going but just everything that I need to do before I go. I seem to be making no headway on my to do list and the real worry is that I don’t have anybody interested in the spare room. It’s not desperate, but it soon will be.

I’m doing all I can to find a lodger but by in large it’s out of my hands. That being the case I’m easing my anxiety by focusing on the million and one other things that I can complete. These include moving my things into the attic, vacuum sealing my photo albums so they don’t get damaged, mothballing my clothes, buying the final bits of kit and cancelling various contracts – phone & bank.

I’m finding that things aren’t easy to tick off, take for example getting my malaria pills and jabs. I had to visit the nurse, fill out a long form and another visit is required to find out what I need.

Having repairs made to the flat are proving a long drawn out process. I’ve had various builders round and the quotes are slowly coming in but I doubt I’ll be in the country to see the work done, that’s not their fault, that’s just the way it is as they’re incredibly busy.

One thing that I’m hoping to get done tonight, although it’s going to take an absolute age and is not exactly riveting is to back up all my photos.