Wildlife photography course

  • Photographer in a hide photographing elephant
  • End of the day on the wildlife photography course
  • Baobab illuminated by camera flash under the stars

Course information

Capturing a wildlife photograph is not as easy as it looks. Not only does one need creativity and technical knowledge, but also a knowledge and understanding of one’s subject matter. We start the course with a discussion on the equipment needed to become a versatile nature photographer and then we go on to discuss the various elements that combine to make a good nature photograph. Participants will spend mornings and afternoons in the bush looking for photographic opportunities followed by a lecture each day and constructive criticism of any digital photos taken during activities.

Why do the course?

The Wildlife Photography (5 day) course aims to reveal more of the thought processes behind the making of a good wildlife photograph. The course will give photographers time and opportunity to put these thoughts into action in the field, under the guidance of an experienced wildlife photographer.

Some subjects covered on course

Equipment and Lighting. Backgrounds. Depth of Field and Exposure. Composition. Impact. Story Telling. Action/Motion Sequences.


The sleeping arrangements consist of two people sharing per tent. Single requests are required to pay double-rates. Women and men do not share tents unless booked as a couple.


Early morning wake-up (tea, coffee, biscuits, fresh fruit and cereal), Brunch after activity (cooked breakfast and fruit salad), Afternoon tea (light lunch/ sandwiches), Dinner (balanced, warm plated meal with meat, vegetables and salad).

Certification and accreditation

All course participants receive a certificate of participation.

Further information

To book a place, request further information or if you have any specific questions then please get in contact by emailing fascinatingafrica@outlook.com